Conditions for quarterly subscriptions to ArtScreen

Please fill in the application form with details of your name, address and e-mail address.

If you agree with the conditions of membership forward this form to ArtScreen and subsequently you will receive an invoice for a quarterly payment of 286, (two hundred and eighty six Danish kroner).

After ArtScreen has received your payment you will receive a password to log in with.




I have read and agree with the conditions for membership of ArtScreen and hereby apply for membership.

The payment gives you the right to watch the contents of ArtScreen which will include a monthly collection of paintings. This includes at least 30 paintings which you can watch as a review or freeze by selection.

You can also watch art works which are not paintings but other art-media.

Throughout a 12 month period 24 different multimedia-artworks, -videos, -installations, -documentations etc. (at least 6 multimedia-artworks every 3 months) will be available on the screen.

In addition you can borrow an original oil painting from the Art Library free of charge for the duration of your membership.

Contracts are made with the multimedia artists concerning royalty payments. The original paintings are the property of the artists and are for sale. The Art Library will give you any information you require concerning prices.